Nourudine Fakkar

Brief info

Nour is a highly-skilled martial arts instructor with more than 25 years of experience holds a black belt. Excellent experience with individual and group instruction—specialized self-defense training for adults.His significant roles and responsibilities teaching students about conditioning and strikes; building self-confidence among students, martial arts theory and philosophy; teaching punches, kicks, and various other martial arts techniques; observing and evaluating students, organizing training in combat principles, and conducting test sessions to determine the amount of knowledge gained by the students. He has a broad knowledge of martial art and self-defense, an in-depth understanding combating skills and breaking techniques, developing effective training programs, confidence-building skills, and overall knowledge of various martial arts styles. It is mandatory to have a physical education degree and a martial arts black belt to enter this profession.

2010 Black Belt (Dan 2) From World Taekwondo Federation (South Korea)
2015 Coaching Certificate 1st Edition Royal Moroccan Taekwondo Federation (Morocco)
2016 Black Belt (Dan 3) Certificate of Master Degree – World Kickboxing League (Germany)
2018 Black Belt (Dan 2) Mixed Martial Arts Tchungu Style Aikido Federation (Morocco)
2019 Black Belt (Dan 2) Krav Maga Self Defense & Street Fighter Dizaj Organization (Qatar)